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Made for concealed carry.

We built in an extra-wide waistband to accommodate your concealed carry.

Fit for an active professional.

The patented Cool Action Suit® is elegantly designed with a proper fit for an active person.

Extra pockets for extra necessities.

You need to carry extra gear. We give you places to put it. Simple.


A breathable and lightweight suit that's always ready.

The Cool Action Suit features performance-based, breathable, wrinkle-free, moisture wicking fabric.


A design that's tough
on the inside and out.

Utilizing a unique fabric blend strategically placed in the lining of the suit jackets and pants, the Cool Action Suit helps to reduce sweating and keeps the wearer's body cooler and drier, leading to overall comfort. 


Our wrinkle-resistant fabric
doesn't buckle under pressure.

Lightweight and wrinkle-free, the Cool Action Suit is perfect for easy travel.